My family

Growing Up Southern

My family

Chuck Enderlin was born and raised in Little Rock, AR. He was a boy scout, altar server, and honor roll student at Little Rock Catholic High where is father, uncles, cousins, and grandfather had also attended. In high school, Chuck participated in Marine Corps JROTC, earned his Eagle in Scouting, and worked in his parents’ second generation dry cleaning business. After college, he met his future wife, Jenny, while swing dancing at American Legion Post 33 in Pensacola. They have been happily married for nine years and have two little girls.

Getting ready to make the world a safer place

Trained To Lead

In July of 1999, Chuck accepted an appointment to the United States Naval Academy where he studied Aerospace Engineering. He was active in the Catholic Midshipmen Club, the Catholic Choir, the USNA Silent Drill Platoon, and also taught incoming classes how to shoot the M9 service pistol.
His most formative experience at the Naval Academy, however, occurred when he returned from class one morning just in time to see the second plane hit the World Trade Center. Forever changed, he prepared for the new battle awaiting him upon graduation. He was one of thirty people selected at the Academy for the first Human Factors in Combat course, a deep examination of the mental and emotional preparation required of military leaders. That summer he helped train the incoming class of 2006, the first in decades to join in time of war. He graduated in May of 2003 and was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Marine Corps.

My grandmother pinning on the same wings my grandfather wore in World War II

Marine Corps Service

Chuck trained in Quantico, VA; Pensacola, FL; and Meridian, MS where he earned his Wings of Gold in 2006. At the ceremony, his grandmother pinned onto him the very wings his late grandfather wore during World War II. After graduating, Chuck was stationed in Oceana, VA to learn the F/A-18 Hornet, and then in Beaufort, SC flying with the Hawks of VMFA(AW)-533. He deployed to the Western Pacific, flying missions along the North Korean Border and participating in exercises in Malaysia, Thailand, and Japan. Chuck later deployed to Helmand, Afghanistan where he scheduled air support operations, including Operation Khanjar, the largest Marine offensive since Vietnam. Afterward he returned to Meridian, MS to train the next generation of fighter pilots. During his career, Chuck was awarded the Afghanistan Campaign Medal, the Global War on Terror Expeditionary Medal, the NATO Medal, the NATO Medal-ISAF Afghanistan, the Presidential Unit Citation, and two Navy-Marine Corps Achievement Medals.

Moving Forward

The idea that where you start does not determine where you finish is woven into the American Dream. I am fortunate to have my parents as they provided me with a strong foundation. I was fortunate to attend the schools I did, to be able to gain experiences and knowledge that prepared me for what was to come. I am honored to serve in the United States Marine Corps alongside Marines of all races, colors, and creeds. What I have done has prepared me for the next step, applying my values to serve in Congress.

Welcoming my first daughter into the Catholic Church

Christian Values

My parents took me to church every Sunday and taught me that your faith is evident in the works you perform, and that you should treat others the way you would want to be treated. I've strived to follow these ideals my whole life. Throughout my time as a Scout I collected food for the hungry, cleaned up parks, helped with clothing drives, and volunteered to help my fellow Scouts with their service projects. Applying that servant leadership mindset made me a natural fit for the Navy and Marine Corps. At the Naval Academy I continued volunteering my time with the Catholic Midshipman Club and was elected Vice President because of my work for others. As a leader in the Marine Corps I've never forgotten that I'm accountable not to the person writing my evaluation, but rather the men and women that I am charged with leading. Jenny and I served as marriage preparation facilitators in Meridian and helped several couples prepare for the lifelong commitment of Christian marriage. I've sung in the church choirs at the Naval Academy, Pensacola, Meridian, Virginia Beach, Beaufort, Japan, Afghanistan, and here in Newnan. My values drive me, shape my decisions, and I will bring them to the US Congress.

Just outside of officer berthing in Kandahar, Afghanistan

Coming Home

During my eleven years in the Active Duty Marine Corps I had to move seven times. I was hired by ExpressJet Airlines with the goal of advancing to Delta Air Lines and had the opportunity to live anywhere in the country. Jenny and I were both looking foward to finding the perfect place to call home, moving there, and settling down. While we have family and friends all over this great nation, we chose to settle in Newnan. We both felt drawn to the small town atmosphere and felt Newnan was the perfect place to raise children. The first time we saw the square downtown Jenny told me “You’re getting a job at Delta, we’re moving to Newnan, we’re buying one of these houses near the square, and we’re staying here forever.” I agreed entirely, and we're proud to call Newnan, Georgia home.

Making the best decision of my life

Our Experiences Shape Us

I know what it means to be a leader, and I know the responsibilities that come with leadership. I know the importance of having health coverage - we had two very challenging pregnancies and without the health care plan I have we might not have our daughters. I know that the changing environment is creating challenges not just for our farmers, but also becoming the largest single problem facing our military. I know without education we will be unprepared for the world ahead, and that education is the great equalizer in our country, transforming hard work into continued prosperity.

My last flight on active duty

Our Humanity Unites Us

Most importantly, I know that every one of the 687,745 residents of this district are people who want to see this country succeed. We all want a safe home for our children, the chance to pursue our dreams, and the opportunity to make our lives better with a little hard work. I’m committed to listening to everyone, to finding the common ground that forges the strongest policies, and ensuring that the United States remains the greatest country on Earth.

Chuck Enderlin is a member of the Marine Corps Reserves. Use of his military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Navy or the Department of Defense.